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Blue Star:Bali,Amed,Jemeluk Beach,E-Mail:  Phone/SMS: +62 813 371 273 05
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Blue Star Cafe and Restaurant view from Jemeluk Beach@Amed,Bali
View from the Veranda@Blue Star Bungalow,Jemeluk Beach,Amed,Bali
Blue Star view from Jemeluk Beach@Amed,Bali
Jemeluk Beach@Amed,Bali
Jemeluk Beach@Amed,Bali
Sunset at Blue Star
Sunrise at Blue Star
Blue Star Villa@Jemeluk Beach,Amed,Bali
Blue Star Restaurant@Jemeluk Beach,Amed,Bali
Upper Floor@Blue Star Villa
The two new rooms and Blue Star Villa@Jemeluk Beach,Amed,Bali
The Blue Star Garden@Jemeluk Beach,Amed,Bali
Tania relaxing at Blue Star Cafe@Jemeluk Beach,Amed,Bali
Tania relaxing at Blue Star Cafe@Jemeluk Beach,Amed,Bali
Inside the Rooms@Blue Star,Jemeluk Beach,Amed,Bali
Inside the Rooms and view to the Bathroom@Blue Star,Jemeluk Beach,Amed,Bali
The Blue Star Staff
View from the upper Room@Blue Star,Jemeluk Beach,Amed,Bali

Iluh and Nengah
Nengah, owner of Blue Star
Wayan giving massage to Clemens
The Family under relaxing Pavillon
Wating for a Balinese Ceremony
Martina relaxing and reading
Nengah playing gamelan
Gede, the son of Iluh and Nengah
Gede and Juni at School
Bobby singing and playing guitar
Gerard, Wayan, Juni, Teni
Playing with computer at Blue Star Cafe
Playing with computer at Blue Star Cafe
Rita going snorkeling at Jemeluk Beach
Rita and Iluh going to a Balinese ceremony
Clemens and Iluh on a Balinese ceremony
Juni dancing on a Balinese ceremony
Juni, Teni and sisters
Nengah climbing on a coconut tree
Clemens and Wayan
Martina and Gede during a Balinese ceremony